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Why, Mission and Journey of the Blog

Updated: Jan 8, 2018

To me, Embedded System Engineering, both hardware side and software, is a form of art. The components on circuit boards and programming languages are our canvas to create our own masterpiece. Hardware will be the body, and software would be the soul. Seeing the Embedded System Design like this may look odd at the beginning but, makes it much more exciting and will add whole another dimension to our work.

Now that it is our form of self-expression, we would work harder to make it exceptional, we would handle it with more care and we will do our best to make it flawless. Not just because of our boss, or to make our customers happy, but also because of ourselves. Because it's our art.

The goal of the blog is to help enthusiastic Embedded System Engineers, like me, to not just find the answers but ask better questions. To help beginners in their journey of embedded systems so that they become better engineer than I am. To share my view, so you have more divers way of thinking when it comes to design's decision making. The mission is to come together and create great embedded systems that would help millions of people around the world and make them happy.

In the blog, I will mainly talk about useful tips and tutorials regarding Embedded, mainly software but also hardware side. I will post software guide for beginners or sometime pro tips and tricks for more advanced designers. Occasionally, I may get philosophical and also may introduce good books and resources or reviews of any new embedded related chipset and technologies that I would find useful.

Hope you enjoy and find them helpful.

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