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To Start and to go beyond - Masina Computer

I have always dreamed about starting my own technology company. To build it and make it big. To create a workplace that everybody is fulfilled about their work and are excited about what they do, community they serve and changes we seek to make to the world. My dream, is to build and develop great products that would help people to achieve what they thought was previously impossible.

Growing up, I’ve been fascinated by human history. The evolutions and innovations. Tools though, was core part of us as humans. We discovered fire, and it has got us come together as a tribe, then we hunted in group. We invented cooking and got more minerals out of our food. As result, our brain got bigger and we become smarter. Smarter humans have bend metals in our will and started bronze age. At each step we made tools and the tools make us better, and then we seek to make better tools and this feedback loop continues.

To me, the goal is still the same though. To do what you love and help people, to serve the community and seek changes in the world for better. The north star is set to go beyond our current horizon and create tools, so we can achieve what we thought was previously impossible.

Today is the start day, I started all. I establish my own company and stepped on the path. Future in unknown and the road a head is difficult, but it defiantly worth the try.

“Begin, With the humility of someone who is not sure, and the excitement of someone who knows that it’s possible” – Seth Godin

To go beyond horizon and create best technology company ever.

— Pouya Neshagar, CEO and Founder - Masina Computer Oy.

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