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To Go Beyond Our Current Horizon

Books, in my opinion, ranks 3rd among our most ground breaking invention as human species. By discovering fire, we lighten our dark nights; with language, we learned to communicate and with books, we learned to pass on and spread our knowledge.

Books, you see, are years of experience and hard-works of extraordinary people in a few hundred pages. Authors put their blood, sweat and tears to discover, to solve and to figure out how things are and how we can improve. They were kind enough to put all of their work into words, so you don’t have to try and fail the same way. They did it so that, you can learn years of wisdom in a few weeks and build your knowledge over their shoulders.

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” – Isaac Newton

As engineers, we are no exception. We certainly need to learn from the masters and should build on top of their wisdom to be able to go beyond our current horizons. And for sure, it’s our job to pass it on to others.

For that purpose and starting from Feb 2018, I am hosting a book club for every Embedded Engineers who wants to learn from experts and improve himself to do a great work that matters. A place to come together and share resources that would guide us to succeed in our careers and help us to engineer extraordinary products for our customers.

In this book club, I do my best to introduce and review one book each month. Books that helped me and I believe would also benefits you. So, make sure to check the page, engage in the conversation and subscribe to the book club to receive monthly book recommendations.

Welcome to Embedded Engineer Heroes Club.

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