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Sadness of closing a chapter, and the excitement of starting a new one

It’s a mixed feeling.

In one side, you are putting an end to a chapter of your life, and all that is left is good memories and experiences that you acquired over the past few years. And in other side, the excitement and trill of starting a new journey and stepping in uncharted territories. In one moment you are sad, and in other happy. Maybe is the way nature works, opens up for new, and say goodbye to old. Perhaps, it’s the way we evolve as human.

During the last year and half, I was working for a startup called “The Button Corporation Ltd (BTTN)”. There, we were trying to make the simplest internet user interface where by press of a button, magic would flow on the internet.

It was greatest fulfilment of all, when we would get an email from a happy customer that described how our BTTN helped their hospital and saved precious staff time to inform student for case study in emergency room. It was a joy when I think at night, that some dad or mom will order a taxi with BTTN and get to their kids faster. Or the guy who was happy when he could order a pizza with just one press of BTTN.

Unfortunately, my time with BTTN has come to an end and it’s time for me to move on. It’s sad, but it was a closing page for my chapter with BTTN. I will carry with me all those good memories and thoughts of extraordinary colleagues and experiences that helped me to be a better Embedded Software Engineer.

Now, It’s a new chapter. It’s a new journey. A new undiscovered territory.

Starting from march 2018, I joined another startup called Sencilion Oy. The mission is to create technologies for athletes to excel in their sports, helping golfers to swing their best and tennis players to hit the balls better.

But the goal is still the same though. To do what you love and to help people, to serve the community and make them happy. The north star is to create tools, so we can achieve more than we could achieve before.

After all, we are human, we are tool builders, we invent to amplify our abilities.

[Steve jobs: Tool builders, condor vs bicycle]

“Begin, With the humility of someone who is not sure, and the excitement of someone who knows that it’s possible” – Seth Godin



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