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Precious job of every Embedded System Engineer

I never forget the time when I did my first Embedded project with a temperature sensor and one tiny ARM (cortex m3) micro-controller. I was mesmerized by the fact that, with a few hardware and some lines of codes, I could create and invent new thing. I could put solid hardware components together, and write a software to make them alive. As if the software gives it a whole new level of meaning. than just being piece of ICs and circuits. The software was not just lines of codes anymore, it was the soul and the spirit of the system.

Perhaps this is a better definition of every Embedded Systems. The hardware is the body and the software is the soul.

There are millions or even billions of Embedded and IoT devices out there in the world. From many small computers in your car, to your home heating systems, they are there to make our lives better, easier and happier. We don’t notice them when they are around, but, we miss them when they aren’t. And at some point, there was the job of Embedded System Engineers to bring them to life, to give them a spirit and to give them a meaning for existence.

We may take those devices for granted, but engineers have given their bloods, sweats and tears to make them reality. Those engineers didn’t just do it because of their bosses, or their customers. They did it, because it’s their art, It’s their form of self-expressions. It’s their own way of transmitting the feeling that they have to the other people.

We don’t often meet an Embedded System Designer, we may don’t know who they are or what is actually their job. But like a skilled craftsman, they do their best to create their own masterpiece. They are doing their work with passion and care. Something along the line of those cares and attentions to the product, is transmitted, we don’t know what is it, but it makes us happier.

Behind our digital era, are extraordinary Embedded System Engineers that bring those computers and products to life. They are creating the heart and the soul of our digital world.
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