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There were five spots left, the puzzle was very complex to complete and I had five pieces in my hand. At the time, I wondered what if I could give it a meaning other than a complete puzzle; what if I could give it a new look, new design or new function each time I gather pieces together. I spent a fair amount of my early childhood on puzzles with those question on my mind. As I got older, I was constantly inspired by the idea that you one can think of something in their head and put different lego pieces together and make that a reality.

Throughout my high school times, I was getting more and more obsessed with new technologies. Therefore, I decided to go for Electrical Engineering school for my bachelors study. The math helped us to be precise, and the labs guided us to be creative.  Electronics is something that I admire the most, you can do a lot with it, you can create, invent and even reinvent. During my undergraduate, I became familiar with the concept of Embedded Systems and I took an optional course on the subject. It seemed interesting to me and I have studied some basic principles but I wanted something better and bigger. So, I dived in.

To start, I bought a basic microprocessor and some LEDs and sensors. I still remember the day I finished my first mini project which was a temperature controller with my tiny ARM cpu and a simple temperature sensor. I felt like I had discovered something. At the moment, I realised that I had found my puzzle, which I could bring different component together and at the same time make new things. Beside, I could give it a spirit called "Software"; and suddenly my puzzle is alive. I had my childhood puzzle with my desire to make, create and invent. To me the embedded system is a junction where all the things I want conjoin.

I love both hardware and software side of Embedded System. But since, to me, software is soul of the system, I enjoy working with it much more. That's why I decided to do my master's degree in Embedded System focused on software. I believe, like a soul and heart of human, software of the embedded system should be smart, highly reliable and done with care and integrity. It should be flawless, so that it could integrate to the daily life of people easily, in a way that they don't realise it's there. My dream, is to build and develop great products that would help people to achieve what they thought was previously impossible and make the world a happier place, one line of code at a time. 

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