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Embedded System Engineer | M.Sc

Pouya Neshagar

Let's make the world a happier place,

one line of code at a time.

Photo By: Riitta Sahlström


What I am about

Throughout human history, tools were core part of our evolution. We discovered fire, it gathered us together and helped us to share knowledge and form tribes. Then, we would hunt as groups. We invented cooking which get us better minerals and our brain got bigger. Bigger brains lead us to be smarter and stronger humans. At each step in our history, we made tools to help us to be better humans. We are tool builders. We make tools, and the tools make us better, we seek to make better tools and feedback loop continues.


My goals are still the same though. To do what I love, to serve the community, to seek change in the world for better and innovate, to make tools that would help people. I set my north star to go beyond our current horizon. To push boundaries and not just find the answers but ask better questions. My dream, is to build and develop great products that would help people to achieve what they thought was previously impossible. 

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